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The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is the Educational partner of the Two-Year Alternative Licensure program.  Because of this partnership we are able to hold our seminars on the UCCS campus and offer our teachers the opportunity to purchase Graduate level Credits from UCCS which an be applied only towards a Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 

We are still known as Teacher in Residence Program (TIRP) at UCCS.  You have an option to purchase TIRP credits through UCCS.  Each semester (ex. Fall semester is TIRP I) is equivalent to three (3) graduate level credits through UCCS.  You will have an opportunity to purchase 15 credits or 18 credits (for Special Education teachers).  You can use these credits the following ways:

  • Nine (9) graduate credits from TIRP courses can be applied only towards the Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at UCCS.

  • All 15 (18 for Special Education) credits earned and purchased through UCCS may be used towards professional development requirements and/or salary advancement in your district.  Check with your district for policy information before purchasing the credits .

You will be notified when enrollment is available for these courses.  You can only purchase the semester within a “window” of time.  You cannot retroactively purchase/enroll in TIRP courses.