Program Information:

  • The Two Year Alternative Licensure Program begins in August or in January – must be hired first in at least a .50 FTE (at least 50%) position in endorsed content area  in order to begin our classes! (But you can apply to the program at any time.  Please make sure you have applied with CDE for an Alternative License first.)

  • The program is two years long, including a seven day summer session (3-4 Saturdays in May and and 3-4 days in June). For Special Education Generalist endorsement, two summer sessions are typically required.

  • Participants are expected to attend all classes. Classes are held on Saturdays intermittently (average two Saturdays a month) through the two year period from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

  • Includes mentoring. Each teacher is assigned a building mentor (through their school) and a Field Coach (through the program) to support one’s growth as a new teacher

  • Includes classroom observation/coaching activities

  • Includes a teacher education curriculum based on the Colorado Teacher Quality Standards and Elements

  • The application for program can be found here.

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Watch this 19 minute video for in-depth information about our program! (Make sure to turn on the sound!)