Program Requirements

  • You MUST have a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education (transcript must show conferred degree)


  • You have NOT already completed an approved educator preparation program with student teaching


  • You HAVE demonstrated content proficiency by having completed the 24 semester hours of content required for the endorsement as described on the alternative evaluation worksheets and verified by a transcript review or having passed the Colorado State Board of Education-approved content exam for the endorsement being taught


  • You HAVE cleared a background check based upon review of CBI/FBI background check and self-disclosure on the application

  • You HAVE completed an of application packet for program. We recommend applying to program before searching for employment.

    • $30.00 application fee. Please make cashier’s check or    money order payable to: PPBOCES/2YALP (non-refundable)

    • Legible copies of transcripts from all 2 or 4 year colleges attended that show the conferred degree

    • Three letters of recommendation no more than six (6) months old, signed and dated (employment applications typically require letters of recommendation)

    • Educational Resume (examples may be found online)

    • All answers to questions on page two of our application

    • A copy of your PLACE (if applicable) or PRAXIS test score if you have taken the test. You will not receive a letter of acceptance until your packet is complete (test scores).

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