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CDE Application Process

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1.  Meet content requirement by assessment, degree or required coursework. 

This link: will provide information on approved endorsements for alternative licensure. 

2.  Take the PRAXIS test if you do not meet the requirements

If you have to take the PRAXIS, you will need to wait until you receive your official results for this next step:  submitting the “Teacher” application through your eLicensing account with CDE.  Please note: For the Elementary Education endorsement or the Special Education Generalist endorsement you will HAVE to take the #5001 Praxis test. 


3. Secure employment & Enroll in a Alternative Licensure Program

Candidates must be employed at least part-time and teach a minimum of 50% in the approved content area.  While you are in an Alternative Preparation Program, you will be teaching with an Alternative License.  Once you have a signed contract and have enrolled in our Alternative Licensure Program, we will give you a Statement of Assurance to be filled out by yourself and your district.  You will need to upload the license and SoA to your elicensing account in order to activate your license.  Instructions can be found here

4. Set up your eLicensing Account

Create your one lifetime eLicensing account with CDE. You must have an eLicensing account to process the results of your fingerprints once they are received. Without your account, your results cannot be processed requiring you to submit another set of fingerprints after you create this account. Always use a personal email address that you check often. We highly recommend that you do not use a college or school district email address. You may have only one eLicensing account, so if you have already hold an account, please do not create another.


5. Submit Fingerprints:

Information about background checks for CDE can be found here.   This is for anyone whose fingerprints are not at CDE.  If you have been fingerprinted for a school or district as an educational assistant, paraprofessional, etc., your prints will not be in their records.  If you have a Substitute Authorization from CDE, you more than likely do not have to submit another set of fingerprints. 

  • Once you submit your fingerprints to CBI, they will not notify you that they have been cleared. 

  • Once CBI has cleared your background check, it will appear in the “Alerts” section in your eLicensing account. Log in here to access your account.

  • NOTICE: You have 30 days from when your background check has cleared to apply for your Alternative License.  If you do not apply within 30 days you will have to submit another background check!  Please plan accordingly!


6. Apply for your Alternative License  

Apply with CDE, information to apply can be found at  You will receive an email notification from CDE when you’re your application is approved.  Be sure to check your CDE account and Junk email box periodically if it does not appear in your inbox.  Notice: You have 60 days to complete your application with CDE.  If you do not complete it within 60 days you will have to apply again.

  • Send the Two Year Alternative Licensure Program a copy of your license

7. Start our program and start teaching!

(Classes and teaching positions typically begin in August but we also have a Mid-Year start date which begins in January.)


8. Apply for your Initial License:

Once you successfully finish the program you will be awarded an CDE Approved Program Verification Form which will be used to apply for your Initial Teaching License.

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