Application Process with the Colorado Department of Education

Use the eLicensing system located at The process begins when you apply online to the Colorado Department of Education for an Alternative Teacher license.

Effective December 1, 2017:  once an applicant’s qualifications are verified, a new status of “alternative license pending” and the corresponding endorsement area will be reflected online in three places:  the applicant’s personal eLicensing account, the district eLicensing Verification Access account, and the public educator credential search. For more information on these options, please visit  Once the status of alternative license pending employment/program has been assigned, the candidate will have one calendar year to secure employment and enroll in a program. Upon hire and enrollment the candidate must log in to their eLicensing account to submit the requisite documentation and CDE will issue an alternative teacher license upon review.  For questions in regarding this change, please call CDE Educator Talent – Licensing Office:  303-866-6628 (Call center hours: Monday -Friday 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.).  

Candidates must be employed full-time and teach a minimum of 51 percent in the approved content area.   While you are in an alternative preparation program, you will be teaching with an Alternative License.

Once you complete all of the program requirements, you will be issued a Verification of Completion form which will allow you to apply for your Initial Educator License.


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