Application Process with the Colorado Department of Education


Use the eLicensing system located at The process begins when you apply online to the Colorado Department of Education for an Alternative Teacher license. Upon completion of the first step within the Alternative “Teacher” application will result in your being issued a Statement of Eligibility (SOE). While you are waiting for your SOE to be issued, we welcome you to apply to our program (application located under the Resources section), so we may assist you with the process.¬†Once the SOE is issued you may then seek employment as an alternative teacher and begin an alternative preparation program once employed. Candidates must be employed full-time and teach a minimum of 51 percent in the approved content area. ¬† While you are in an alternative preparation program, you will be teaching with an Alternative License.

Once you complete all of the program requirements, you will be issued a Verification of Completion form which will allow you to apply for your Initial Educator License.


Mentor Mentee Workshop